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At Satroma Ranch Miniature Donkeys we REALLY, REALLY love our donkeys, 
so watching them leave home can be difficult. . .

After several years of raising Miniature Donkeys I have learned that every foal is different and I need to adapt my imprinting to each situation. When a jennet is about to foal, I put her in the birthing pen. The birthing pen has a large private stall area in the barn and an open paddock area on the outside. If the jennet has surprised me and foaled in the pasture, then I carry the foal to the birthing pen 
and the anxious jennet follows. I keep them in the birthing pen for about a week to 10 days. 
I want to make sure the foal is nursing and 
the dam(mom) is pooping and all is OK. 

Foals born at our ranch 
are minimally imprinted for the first few days after birth. I still hold each Miniature donkey, 
just like a baby, a few hours 
after it is born, douse that umbilical cord with diluted iodine
 and rub all over the foal's body 
with my hands. I rub my hand over each side of the face and eyes and rub all inside the ears. 
The foals usually relax and go to sleep in my arms.
If they do not relax, then I don't push it,
but I wait until they are still to put them down.
Each day I visit the foal and usually try to rub its belly. 
That seems to be the favorite spot. 

Some foals that are very friendly at birth
when put up with the dam, can decide to be less friendly 
when they are let out with the group of dams and foals. The opposite can also be true. Some foals that won't let you love on them when they are put up with the dam, become lap babies after they are out with the group. 
When they are let out with the group, the less friendly ones definitely watch the other foals that come up and get scratches 
and usually they realize that they are missing something
and become your new best buddy.

Our Miniature donkey foals wear tiny halters during the first farrier visit after they are born. They act so independent while their dams are tied awaiting their feet trimming. They learn to 
stand tied at their next farrier visit and have their feet trimmed.
We work to have them  halter broken and trailer broken 
by the time they have to leave 
Satroma Ranch.

All Miniature donkeys sold at Satroma Ranch are sold with a negative coggins, new lead rope 
and halter. 

We provide a health record
and of course Miniature donkey registry transfer with papers. 
Our Miniature donkeys are on a 3 month 
rotated worming schedule, farrier trim, and have annual vaccinations. 

I also include a packet for new Miniature donkey owners with care and feeding information. 


Please check back for more Miniature donkeys for sale.

Most prices listed are negotiable and 
 we give discounts for multiple sales.

Video tapes of Miniature donkeys available upon request.

   Satroma Ranch Miniature Donkeys  

Mel and Liz Cole
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