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Pets are sold without registration papers and are not intended for breeding.




Rascal is a 29" gray gelding. 

He is 11 years old and was born here at Satroma Ranch.

He gets along with all my donkeys and I have used him as a foal baby sitter also.

Rascal would love a good home where he could get lots of attention and loving.

He is very small and really just wants to be scratched, all the time!

Rascal would need a donkey friend, but would pair well with any jennet or gelding.





Elizabit is a 33" gray jennet 

She is 11 years old and came here from Vermont.

Elizabit had a couple of really nice foals for me.

She is very, very friendly and makes sure she gets her scratches. 





Hi Ho Silver

22" silver/gray jack born 4/15/2009

Too pretty for a boy!

Silver would  make a very nice pet after he is gelded. 
He loves to play and would give you hours of entertainment paired with another little jack.





Rosebud is a 33" spotted jennet

Rosebud came here in 1999 from Canada. She has produced 6 beautiful foals for me.

She is 19 years old and had no health problems. 
I have just decided that she has done her job and deserves to be retired.

Rosebud with her last foal "Titan"


SOLD - Going to be a companion to another donkey. 
will have a great retirement.


Miniature donkeys, Miniature donkeys, Miniature donkeys


Please check back for more Miniature 
donkeys for sale.

Most prices listed are negotiable and 
 we give discounts for multiple sales.

Video tapes of Miniature donkeys available 
upon request.

   Satroma Ranch Miniature Donkeys 

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